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About Jack

Jack’s Promise to You

In order to book Jack to prepare your infused meals, client must be a documented/registered patient.  If you would like to order or book Jack and you’re not registered, please visit Canna Care Docs, to apply for your medical card today.


High Grade

Jack works with your selection of optimal Cannabis from your local depensary of choice.


Easy Recipes

Learn from Jack’s basic, easy-to-make recipes for anyone and everyone.



Take advantage of all the health benefits these plants have to offer.


Proper Dosage

The hardest parts about making edibles is trying to understand the dosage.

Meet Jack…

Jack credits her mother and grandmothers for her love of cooking.  Subsequent years of hands-on cooking (guided by her mother) led Jack to culinary school to pursue what she found to be a passion.  Before she became a cannabis chef, Jack struggled with health issues that slowed down her culinary career.  In effort to address her health, Jack turned her focus to cannabis to assist. From there, Jack learned how to marry her culinary expertise with the medicinal wonders of the plant.